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Summer Nail Designs to Have: Nautical

Summer Nail Designs to Have: Nautical Nails

Are you still wondering what summer manicure you have? The best answer is nautical nail art. Nautical nail art can not only give you a fresh atmosphere, but also give you a feeling of vacation. The small anchor patterns and compass patterns of this nail art create an image in which you can sail on the sea and enjoy the holidays.

Yes. It's time to paint a nautical nail design. Just find out bottles with polish. Better use white, red and blue lacquers as these are the main colors for creating a nautical nail art. If you are not a good drawer, you can simply paint stripe nails with blue and blue lacquer. However, don't forget to paint a small anchor on one of the nails.

There are many nautical nail designs below. You can check them immediately. Let yourself be inspired by the post and enjoy the nail art designs.

Blue and white nails

Blue and white nails over

strip nails

Strip nails over

Nautical nails

Nautical nails over

Blue and red nails

Blue and red nails over

Stylish nautical nails

Stylish nautical nails over

Pretty nautical nails

Pretty nautical nails over

Nautical nails with glitter

Nautical nails with glitter over

Nice Nails

Nice nails over

Sweet nautical nails

Nice nautical nails over

Hot nautical nails

Hot nautical nails over

Simple nautical nails

Simple nautical nails over

Metallic nails

Metallic nails over

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