Summer Nail Trend: Pretty Nail Arts for Beach Landscape | Beach .

Summer Nail Trend: Pretty Nail Arts for Beach Landscape

When summer comes, the beach is the best place. Someone will go swimming there well; others for surfing or sunbathing. No matter what activities you do for your beach day, you won't miss such a wonderful place for summer. For girls, they won't forget to paint a beach-inspired nail for their trip to the beach.

Everything on the beach can be a topic for nail art. Many girls have painted palm trees on their nails. The shells, sand, sea, sunset and sunrise can also be added as a nail art element to spice up the nails inspired by the beach. Today we have selected many beach-inspired nails for you. If you love summer or the beach, just do a manicure inspired by the beach.

Stay with us and create a new nail art for the season. Scroll through the post and find what you want for your own nail design.

Three tone nails

Three tone nails over

Beach nails over

Beach-inspired nails via

Ocean nails over

Summer nails over

Ombre nails over

Beach nails with glitter via

Four tone nails over

Red nails over

Rainbow nails over

Colorful nails over

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