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Summer shoes

In summer, footwear is particularly important, your feet should sweat as little as possible. Airy shoes for men and women are available in different designs and colors. Trendy shoes such as flip-flops, flat and sporty shoes or high-heeled models for women – summer fashion offers the right shoe for every type.

Classification of the category of summer shoes

Open-toe shoes are the best way to ventilate sweaty feet in the warm season.

History and Development

The sandal as one of the oldest shoe forms was able to establish itself late in modern Europe. At the beginning of the 20th century, sandals appeared in men’s clothing, but they were only worn in leisure time and with socks. Open shoes with only one toe showing were frowned upon until the 1960s.


After the pumps, which were now turned back as peep toes, had started with their tiny opening, the summer shoes quickly got more and more air holes and became more delicate. Slingbacks, which are closed at the front and open at the heel, replace classic pumps on official occasions.


In addition to sandals from the 1960s, the recreation area is also home to espandrilles that originate from Spain and are popular in southern France. The flat cotton slippers with raffia embodied the carefree Mediterranean lifestyle of Audrey Hepburn and Grace Kelly.

Flip flops and sandals

In the 1990s, the colorfully designed flip-flop with thong made flip-flops suitable for outdoor use. The high-heeled sandal, the finest version of the summer shoe, is now even in season in some places in winter. While some fashion-conscious New Yorkers wear them cold in spite of the cold, that fashionable dictate has recently also allowed socks and tights in an open shoe.

Popular summer shoes for women

The currently popular summer shoe models in the women’s world include

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