Thursday , 9 July 2020
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Super Cute Pastel Nail Designs

We all love the beautiful pastel colors. I think all of those sugary shades could bring us a breath of fresh air in this hot weather. It is also interesting and fun to mix different pastel colors together. Today I want to show 17 super cute pastel nail designs to inspire you for your next manicure this season!

Pastel colors are so perfect to make many patterns like flowers, dots, stripes and scallop shape. In any case, you can choose any style and design. All of them would make you look as pretty as a princess in the crowd. You can also add glitter, pearls, gems, and rivets to make a statement about your nails. These accessories can show your pastel colored nails in a more breathtaking and impressive way. You could be more wonderful if you let your creativity flow into the design.

Baby blue dotted nail design

Babyblue Dotted Nail Design over

Two-tone nail design

Two-tone nail design over

Triangle studded nail design

Triangle Studded Nail Design over

Tartan nail design

Tartan nail design over

Striped pastel nail design

Striped pastel nail design over

Scallop pastel nails

Scallop pastel nails over

Pastel pink nail design

Pastel pink nail design over

Pastel nail design

Pastel nail design over

Mint pastel nails

Mint pastel nails over

Heart embellished nail design

Heart embellished nail design over

Glittering marble nail design

Glittering marble nail design over

Flower nail design

Flower nail design over

Ornate pastel nail design

Ornate pastel nail design over

Colorful dotted nail design

Colorful dotted nail design over

Pastel Color Block Nail Design

Pastel Color Block Nail Design over

Pastel Color Block Nail Design

Pastel Color Block Nail Design over

Chalk board nails

Chalk board nails over

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