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Super Easy T-shirt DIY Projects

Prepare brand new t-shirts to welcome the warm season! Not on your budget? Do not worry. There are solutions to help you. Yes. They are DIY projects that can save your money and bring you many new things.

Today's post offers you some ideas for revising T-shirts. You don't have to buy a new one and just pull out the old t-shirts to start your project. To give your old t-shirts a new look, you can play them some DIY pranks. Cut some of your old t-shirts in a short style or just paint something cool on them.

More DIY t-shirt ideas can be found in the post below. Get inspired!
Embellished t-shirt

Painted t-shirt

Embellished t-shirt over

Painted t-shirt

Painted t-shirt over

DIY graphic word t-shirt

DIY Graphic Word T-Shirt Over

Ombre t-shirt

Ombre t-shirt over

DIY t-shirt

DIY t-shirt over

T-shirt with leather patches

T-shirt with leather patches via

DIY striped t-shirt

DIY stripy t-shirt over

Lace fabric T-shirt

Lace fabric t-shirt over

Neon buttoned t-shirt

Neon buttoned shirt over

Painted necklace t-shirt

Painted necklace t-shirt over

Gold Cord Love T-shirt

Gold Cord Love T-shirt over

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