Suspenders are a well-known fashion accessory that, like the belt, has a single purpose, namely that the pants do not slip off. These suspenders are simply clamped to the waistband with their elastic bands.

Classification of the suspenders category

Suspenders are rubberized textiles that are distributed over four straps, worn over the shoulders and attached to the waistband to keep the trousers in the desired position.

to form

The ribbons are sewn together in the shape of an X and cross behind the back, usually under a piece of leather. Two buttons in the front and two in the back are attached to the waistband with a button or clip to hold the pants around the waist. A belt is no longer required. Depending on the size of the wearer, the length of the straps can be adjusted.


Suspenders have been around for about three hundred years. Originally intended for children, they quickly became fashionable clothing accessories for men until they were finally pushed out of the aisle about a hundred years ago.

However, there are still styles of clothing in which you cannot do without suspenders, for example tailcoats. In the 1980s, many women also wore trousers to set themselves apart from social role models, as these had also become symbols of the male working world.

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