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Swept-back Hair

Swept-back Hair

Swept-back hairstyles often appear on the red carpet. They are becoming a trend. Many celebrities have styled combed hair back for their looks. They pull all their strings back and show their foreheads. They look both bright and beautiful in the hairstyle.

Of course, you can recreate the hair according to the steps. Deadline, whether your hair is straight or curly, it can be straightened first. Second, you can pull back all your locks with a large brush. Third, apply hairspray to the hair to make the hair look like. Fourth, wear your makeup. After all these steps, you will find that the combed back hair can perfectly emphasize your complexion.

Now you can see the stylish hairstyles here and choose what you like. Enjoy!

Swept back hair

Swept back hair over

Beautiful hair

Nice hair over

Nervous hair

Edgy Hair over

Medium length hair combed back

Medium length hair combed back

Beautiful hair combed back

Beautiful combed hair over back

Blonde hair combed back

Blond hair combed back over

Sexy hair

Sexy hair over

Braided hair

Braided hair over

Swept back updo

Swept up updo over

Short hair

Short hair over

Bun swept back

Bun swept back over

Loose, combed hair

Loosely combed hair over

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