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The t-shirt is one of the most commonly used items of clothing. Worn loosely over jeans or as an undershirt, it is suitable for all seasons. T-shirts are available in different designs and with a round collar or V-neck.

Classification of the T-shirts category

The term T-shirt comes from the English “shirt” for (top) shirt and the basic shape of the shell. If you spread a T-shirt straight out in front of you, you will clearly see a T-shape in the transverse axis of the sleeve hem and in the central axis.

Properties of a t-shirt

Generally you can recognize T-shirts

  • the right amount
  • the relatively tight cut
  • the short sleeves
  • a moderate round or V-neckline

and further

  • No pockets, buttons or collars.

Origin and Distribution

Originally, these scraps served as sub-textiles and were worn as camisoles under shirts. It was probably the sailors who were the first to use such parts. In the 1950s, T-shirts by screen heroes like James Dean and Marlon Brando finally became popular – at least for the younger, “rebellious” generation.

In the meantime, T-shirts are seen as everyday clothing for outerwear and have their place in leisure and sportswear, where they have of course also proven to be warm “underwear”. The simple, straight cut makes it a unisex piece that women and men alike love to wear. Only models with a tailored waist are reserved for women only.

The length ranges between waist and height. In addition, there are also long t-shirts that reach down to the knees and the wearers play very casually. These pieces have a huge following, especially in the hip-hop scene. Since the shirts are often worn directly on the skin without underwear, they are mainly made of skin-friendly cotton material.

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