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Tank Tops

The sleeveless undershirt is not always just a more practical men’s underwear. As outerwear, especially for women, it becomes a fashionable eye-catcher in summer. The cuts in the neck and shoulder area are often particularly sporty.

Tank tops are ideal for women’s outerwear on beautiful summer days, as their sporty and casual look is always in fashion and guarantees a great eye-catcher.

Cut and design

These tightly cut tops emphasize the figure and are primarily characterized by the special shape of the wearer. Instead of parallel, these run diagonally to each other on the neck, come together in the neck area and then seamlessly merge into the fabric of the top on the upper back.

Tank tops available in many different designs, and they are particularly common in monochrome varieties. The material is often a light cotton blend, which makes it ideal as an airy top to wear in summer. They are also available in the form of ribbed shirts.

Possible combinations

Because of this special cut, tank tops are strapless and allow a view of the shoulder blades, which makes them both sporty and feminine. A feminine and casual look can definitely be created, especially if you have tank tops with a trendy combination.

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