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Tattoo Designs for You to Become Outstanding

It is common to have a tattoo design on the wrist because the wrist is a place that people can easily see. If you have an outstanding design for your wrist, you are destined to have many envelope heads.

Maybe a wrist or sleeve tattoo is more painful than others because our wrists are less fat. So if you choose a wrist tattoo, please seek an experienced artist to get less pain. Before you get the tattoo, you should correct your tattoo design and discuss it with your artist. If you want to do a tattoo and don't know how yet, you can read our post first.

Here we present 15 tattoo designs. I hope you like it. Maybe you can choose one of the stylish designs to rock the wrist.

Feather wrist tattoo

Feather wrist tattoo

Love letter tattoo

Simple wrist tattoo

Wrist Script Tattoo

Heart and star tattoo

Mermaid tattoo

Wrist bow tattoo

Nice swallow tattoo

Wrist rose tattoo

Wrist butterfly tattoo

Sleeve tattoo

Crown Tattoo

3D rose tattoo

Stylish tattoo

Old school wrist tattoo

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