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Tennis Shoes

Many different tennis shoes are available for the clay court, hard court, grass court or hall. Depending on the nature of the ground, the tennis player receives optimal cushioning and stability for feet, joints and muscles.

Classification of the tennis shoes category

Tennis shoes should be chosen very carefully. There are different shoes that can be constructed differently depending on the location.

Different models for different surfaces

For example, someone can buy shoes that are specifically designed for the lawn. Shoes are also available for indoor tennis and are highly recommended. Of course, these shoes are very different from the shoes that are used on a gravel court, for example. In any case, the gravel court is the most used place and so there really is a very good selection of shoes to use.


Look out for each shoe before buying

  • that these are very stable and
  • In any case, there is sufficient support in the corresponding subsurface.

The grip is most important when buying suitable shoes. It is also important

  • that these are not too difficult

but can be worn without any problems. In addition, it should be noted that there are wide and narrow shoes – exactly how the foot is built. The shoe must fit perfectly and be perfectly fastened with laces. Good shoes usually last around 3 years.

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