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Thermal Jeans

The thermal jeans are the ideal pants for cold days. With their roughened inner lining, these jeans are not only very comfortable for men, women and children, they also keep you warm and cozy. In addition, high-quality thermal jeans do not let the wind through.

Classification of the thermal jeans category

Jeans are cool, casual, sexy, practical, versatile, easy to care for, durable, … they are not really suitable for winter. Anyone who cannot make friends with stockings or long johns has to shiver in their conventional jeans during the cold season – or fall back on thermal jeans. This special type of pants combines all the advantages of everyday jeans with a cozy warm feeling.

Properties of thermal jeans

This is mainly due to two components: On the one hand, the surface fabric consists of somewhat thicker fibers that are woven into a dense denim material that only allows slight cold drafts. In addition, the inside of the pants is completely covered with a thick, often roughened lining, which is pleasantly soft on the skin and also excludes the last icy draft.

The lining and the outer fabric form layers of air between the skin, which heat up quickly at body temperature. These warm air cushions – also known from the “onion look” principle – reliably protect the body from cooling down for a long time.

Thermal jeans are particularly popular in children’s clothing, but adults are also increasingly appreciating the excellent properties of these pants.

Cuts and functions

Visually, the thermal jeans hardly differ from their Feedless Twin. Preferably in the regular fit style (ie with a moderate leg width throughout), it comes in all conceivable shades of blue, but also in black or beige. Sometimes it is – similar to the cargo pants with additional pockets.

Especially in children’s pants, the lining is often colored and patterned; You can occasionally see it flashing on the lower hem cuff or the edges of the bag.

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