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Ties are mainly worn by men on ceremonial occasions or at work. They are tied around the neck with a special tie knot and are usually worn under a suit or uniform.

Classification of the tie category

A tie is a whole piece of fabric that is tied around the neck with an intricate knot. Traditionally, the tie is an item of clothing that is combined with a shirt and suit in men’s outerwear. However, in recent years ties have also become increasingly popular in female circles. There have recently been special women’s bonds that are not as long as their male counterparts.

Development and current properties of the tie

How wide a tie is depends on the prevailing fashion. For example, in the 1970s it was fashionable to wear very wide ties, while in the 1980s the ties were very tight. The average version is about 1.45 m long, but is also offered in the 1.55 m range.

The tip of the tie should always reach the waistband when tying. Especially tall or handsome men prefer to go up the mountain. Which color or pattern you choose for your tie mainly depends on the material and the color of the suit and shirt you plan to wear it with later.

Different tie knots

Just as important as the tie itself is the knot with which it is tied. There are 180 different knots that can be used to tie a tie. The most popular knots are

Also known

In order to keep the tie as long as possible, it should be opened completely after each use. So that the fabric recovers a little, you should change the tie every day.

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