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Tips for “Meeting the Parents” Makeup

It can be a dilemma to put on makeup to prepare to meet your significant other's parents for the first time. You want to look like it matters to you to hit her enough to dress up a bit, but you don't want to look too over the top with overly dramatic makeup. The solution creates a balance; Read on to discover seven helpful tips for Make-up "meeting with parents",

1. Keep it natural

7 tips for the make-up "meeting with parents"


When you meet your friend's parents for the first time, it's best to keep your makeup as natural as possible. You want your SO's parents to see how you really look when they first meet you, and not what you look like when your face is covered with multiple layers of makeup.

2. But be yourself too


Of course, it's not always the best way. If wearing bright makeup colors is a big part of your personality expression, you should go for it. If you prefer a non-natural look, stay away from dark colors or heavy eyeliner. Cat eyes and smoky eye shadows don't make you look open and friendly. Make sure the colors you use in your makeup look are light or light if you turn off the more natural way.

3. Skip the foundation


At close range (where you'll be when your friend's mother hugs you in a close-up), the foundation can easily look overly heavy or even pie-like, especially if you're sweating with nerves.

On the day you should meet your SO's parents, use a BB cream or tinted moisturizer instead of reaching for your trustworthy foundation. You get enough coverage to mask imperfections without running the risk of your skin looking over-coated.

4. Don't be afraid of eye makeup


Just because you meet your significant other's parents doesn't mean you have to completely remove the eye make-up. Indeed, light eye makeup can help improve your eyes and make them look brighter.

The trick is to keep the eye makeup simple. Keep the eyeliner to a minimum. Try to use it only on your upper lash line. For bright eyeshadows, stick to bright, neutral colors with a slightly shimmery finish. Finish the look with a layer of black mascara so your eyes pop.

5. Warm up your skin


A warm glow in your skin can help you look friendlier and leave a better first impression on your boyfriend or girlfriend's parents. Skip the outline as you prepare to meet the parents. Give your face a natural-looking sheen by brushing some pink on your cheekbones and using a light, matte bronze to add color to your skin.

6. Keep your lips clean


You may want to keep your lips completely bare for a more natural look when you meet your significant other's parents. However, if you want to add a little color and opacity, stick to a sheer, light pink sheen. It gives your lips a natural color and shine without being over the top.

7. Add trust


The most important thing about your make-up look "meeting with parents" is that you feel safe. Of course, you will get nervous when you first meet the people who raised the special person who is important to you. Make sure the makeup you wear increases your confidence so that you can meet parents who look and feel a bit more comfortable and less nerve-wracking.

Meeting your friend's parents is an important moment. What your makeup looks like shouldn't be another thing to worry about in due course. If you're preparing to get to know your SO's family, use the tips in this post to get a perfect result Make-up "meeting with parents" Look, that impresses.

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