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Tips to Have Healthy Hair

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If you have ultra long hair, you will love the moment they fly under the sun. How can dry or damaged hair fly beautifully with the wind? That is why Prettydesigns still brings you some tips so that your hair always stays healthy and smooth.

To take care of your hair, you first need to avoid breaking it. Then how can you protect your hair from damage? We do not recommend using too many hair tricks like braids, twists, wraps or hats. In addition, your facial cleanser can also damage your hair. Therefore, wear a shower cap carefully when washing your face.

In addition to avoiding damage, you should try to keep your hair and skin in good condition. The most important thing has to be moisturizing. Yes. Hair needs moisture and vitamins to shine! There are 11 tips you can use to learn and have adorable long hair.

11 tips for straight hair

1.Do not brush wet hair after washing your hair. It can easily lead to hair loss.

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2.If you have your hair care, it is recommended to wash it with cold water to remove any frizz.

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3.Use a soft bristle brush instead of a wide tooth comb. Pull and tease less, more suppleness.

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4.If you think you need to wash your hair every day like showering, you will make a mistake. Of course, your hair also needs moisturizing oil from your body.

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5.When tying your ponytails, buns, etc., better not choose rubber bands.

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6.The daily scalp massage can improve hair growth.

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7.Ja. You don't have to wash your hair often, but you do have to cut your hair often. Why don't you get your hair cut every six to eight weeks to get the perfect length?

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8. Drink enough water and eat healthy. Maybe give up bad habits like smoking.

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9. Remove yourself from the hair dryer or curling iron (the flat iron). Try the easiest way to air dry your hair.

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10. Don't just focus on the tips of your hair.

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11.Ask some hair products like fish oil for help to lighten your hair and add moisture.

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Check out all of these tips and make long, thick hair look for the seasons.

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