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Toe shoes for women

to jog is healthy, relatively easy to learn and is one of the most popular endurance sports worldwide. There are many reasons for this: The sport can be practiced almost anywhere, alone or in a group, and without much preparation. All the runner needs is one healthy running technique and good shoesBut there is also constant change in the field of fitness shoes and trends come and go. As part of the hype about barefoot running, toe shoes have become a permanent fixture in the running community and have convinced more and more people.

The toe shoe test – what makes the shoe with the toes so special?

Toe shoes look rather unusual at first glance and differ from them Construction and design clear from the usual running shoes that are offered for men and women.

The wave is very minimalistic and resembles most of the models solid sock, out stable materialswhich is additionally reinforced with a sole. The toes are individually enclosed by the shoes and can usually be moved freely, as the material used is very flexible.

While toe socks, which are covered like a glove and each toe of fabric, especially in Asia because of their long time positive effects on the foot climate are known, the offers for toe shoes and corresponding test reports have only become known to a broader community in recent years.

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