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Top Hairstyle Tutorials for Summer

Hey fashionistas. Is it necessary for women to have to cut their fairly long curls in the short haircut to get a cooler summer look? Absolutely no. Short hairstyles are chic and popular for summer, but if you're not that interested in the short hairstyles, it doesn't matter at all. Because we present 10 pretty hairstyles for women with long hair who are now surviving their hot summer days. After seeing the beautiful hairstyle pictures, you will find that long hairstyles can be quite beautiful in summer and you will not feel uncomfortable on those hot days.

In this post, you'll see the top 10 best hairstyle tutorials for summer. They have different styles, but they are all breathtaking. The hairstyle trends this year are all about the classic, casual curls, French braids or twists or the interesting ponytail hairstyles and the chic high bun …

These ten different hairstyles are suitable for every woman and every occasion. They are fabulous enough so that you can shine from Monday to Sunday. The best thing is that they are so easy for you at home. Check out the great step-by-step instructions below and give it a try. Enjoy!

Nice ponytail hairstyle tutorial

Nice ponytail hairstyle tutorial

Nice ponytail hairstyle tutorial about

Low woven ponytail tutorial

Low woven ponytail tutorial about

Sideways swept tutorial for knotty ponytail hairstyles

Side-swept knotty ponytail hairstyle tutorial about

Low Rolled Bun Hairstyle Tutorial

Low Rolled Bun hairstyle tutorial about

Socks bun hairstyle tutorial

Sock bun hairstyle tutorial about

Hair Loop Tutorial

Hair bow tutorial about

Simple ponytail hairstyle tutorial

Simple ponytail hairstyle tutorial about

Braided updo hairstyle tutorial

Braided updo hairstyle tutorial about

Twist hairstyle tutorial

Twist hairstyle tutorial about

Braided high bun tutorial

Braided high bun tutorial about

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