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Top Leather Clutches for Pre-Fall

Nowadays a Leather clutch is a perfect combination of premium design and modern style. High quality leather looks clean and its simple shape is perfect for everyday use. A leather clutch with contrast stitch for women that offers enough space for almost everything. On one side, a flap opens to reveal a spacious coin compartment, and on the other side it opens to reveal a number of card slots and pockets.

Generally speaking a leather clutch Features in magnetic closures, 1 bill compartment, several multi-purpose pockets and credit card compartments as well as a large coin compartment on the back. The clutch had gone out of fashion in the early 19th century, but experienced a revival in popularity in World War II. With rationing, the smaller clutch required less material to manufacture and was well suited to a war-related mindset. It is still popular as an evening handbag, although some women use it for everyday use, especially when they don't have to carry a lot of accessories with them or just run errands.

Because a leather clutch is so small and comes in a variety of styles, clutches are often used to personalize an outfit. A celebrity wearing a conservatively colored dress could choose a colorful leather clutch to add some color to their outfit. Some celebrities buy lots of leather clutches in different styles so they have a clutch that goes with many different outfits. Now I'm going to show you Top 10 leather clutches for this season. Follow your adorable superstars as soon as possible!

Kerry Washington's leather clutch

Kerry Washington's leather clutch

Olivia Palermos leather clutch

Margarita Levieva's leather clutch

Lilah Parsons leather clutch

Lilah Parsons leather clutch

Laura Whitmore's leather clutch

Chaley Roses leather clutch

Bella Thornes leather clutch

Cara Delevingnes leather clutch

Michelle Smiths leather clutch

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