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Tops are women’s shirts without sleeves, which are also available strapless or with spaghetti straps. They are worn just as well as underwear as outerwear at fitness or party, where crop tops are preferred.

In contrast to the conventional T-shirt, a top is characterized by the fact that it is sleeveless and instead has two straps.

Combination and carrying options

In the women’s world, tops are primarily too worn out, but they also work well as undersuits

In particular

The top is often used as the sole outerwear because it is versatile and practical in combination with other items of clothing.

Different models

The so-called are particularly popular with young women

In contrast to spaghetti tops, which are characterized by extremely narrow straps, halter neck tops are strapless because their usually wider straps are knotted at the neck. The tips can also vary greatly in length. So there is next

  • Tops that reach the waist

even the ones that are cut that they are

  • Just reach under your chest.

An example of this is the so-called bandeau top, which is like a (more or less) narrow band around the wearer’s upper body.

Tips on buying

However, when buying a top, make sure that the figure is cut correctly. While slim women can safely wear short tops, women with livelier figures should consciously avoid short-cut tops and instead opt for halter tops, as these visually stretch the upper body.

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