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Traditional pumps for women

Traditional pumps for women

Many think when they hear the word traditional flowing skirts, crisp lederhosen, puffy blouses, opulent headgear, playful jewelry and all sorts of fashionable frills, with which one can hardly express the stamp “modern”. The right shoes are an essential part of a costume. Logically, there may not be simple pumps. Traditional costumes are a single, well-established home movie – that’s more versatile (and fashionable) than you’d initially expect.

Properties and material

Classic costumes are Suede or suedeBut color can also serve as a material for such a shoe and create an interesting contrast to the rest of the outfit.
The features that distinguish traditional costumes from other shoes are many. Most models have one eye-catching application on the foot span or the toe of the shoe. While some pumps have different types of buckles, others have wonderful ones Brooches as highlights, Hearts, edelweiss flowers and small bows are romantic details that turn a shoe into a traditional costume. If you don’t like kitsch then this is definitely the wrong address. These pumps are a Heimat film in shoe form: traditional, classic and full of romance!
Another characteristic of the shoes is that leading brands like to work with straps and laces. Similar to strappy and lace-up pumps, you will often find thin or wider straps and eye-catching laces that spice up your shoe optically with conventional clothing pumps. You can do whatever you like, so it’s not uncommon for features like straps and brooches to be combined. This creates an infinite number of different types that simply belong to a perfect costume outfit. Also Women with large sizes can be happy. Due to the many details, the shoes often look smaller than they are. So if you want to cheat your foot a little smaller because of its size, these pumps are just perfect. Especially brooches and other uses on the top of the shoe skillfully hide a centimeter or two.

By doing Choice of colors of traditional costumes Leading brands like Andrea Conti focus on colors that are often found in traditional costumes. In particular

are very popular colors for these pumps.

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