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Trending Geode Hair Color Ideas

At the moment, a lot of women are starting to attract attention with trendy geode shadows. Not only can it give a wonderful hair look, it looks completely different too. Then it becomes a brand new trend to get that superior hair coloring. There is also a wide range of shades to choose from. Therefore, it is not only monotonous in safe shadow.

Many women choose a vibrant shade for this trendy geode hair type. Whether purple vivid, blue vivid or another shade that describes a colorful galaxy. Da geode shadow really impressed with geode stone shadow. Or usually it comes from the universe that provides shade. This is why Geode seems to be a mysterious coloring.

If you’re attracting attention for doing this shade of hair, see below the footage. There are a number of trending geode hair tones out there for those who want a completely different look. In addition, it doesn’t necessarily have to be colored. It could be used in cover under the hair for a particularly refined result.

One of many wonderful shades to choose from is the purple shade. Not only does it look superior, it can also look cool. After that, it makes sense to try shadows for people with black or dark hair. See below for details.

Another choice is a maroon shade that looks cute and good too. As a result, this can be a great choice for those who want a completely different look but aren’t too appealing. Below is the sample material.

However, various options that need this shade do not need to look excessive. Hiding the geode shade under your hair is usually a good choice. See under the main dot pattern of this look.

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