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Trendy-Chic Undercuts for Women

For women looking for a complete makeover of your picture, the undercut is the perfect choice for you. You don't need to worry about your hair length to wear this style as it works great on both short and long hair. The bold cut can amaze everyone with its daring and beautiful looks. Let's look at 22 cool undercut hairstyles for women 2016 in this post today and get inspired!

Undercut pixie hair with bangs

Undercut pixie hair with bangs

Undercut Pixie Hair with bangs over

With this look, no one can deny that the undercut would look edgier and cooler with vintage sunglasses.

Undercut short curly hairstyle

Undercut short curly hairstyle over

Unexpectedly, the undercut works wonderfully nicely with a curly top swung with your finger. This look has plenty of natural volume to present.

Undercut hair with side bangs

Undercut hair with side bangs over

This undercut has made a perfect mix between the short and long hair. It helps to solve the problem if you are still reluctant to miss out.

Undercut short hair

Undercut short hair over

A short cut hair can look dated these days. Why not combine it with the trendy and cool undercut in your new style?

Undercut short hairstyle

Undercut Short Hairstyle over

This undercut is an ideal option for our casual and simple everyday hairstyles. But it stands out with its softly curled hair.

Undercut pixie hairstyle

Undercut pixie hairstyle over

Fortunately, you can still hold long side bangs while you have the undercut.

Undercut black hair

Undercut black hair over

A fancy way to wear the undercut for all girls. Remember to combine it with a bold and gorgeous makeup.

Short fauxhawk hairstyle

Short fauxhawk hairstyle over

Part your hair generously to the side like this. You get a lot of volume without trying.

Undercut bob hairstyle

Undercut bob hairstyle over

It makes a fantastic look to have the undercut for a light pink bob hairstyle. The smooth, straight curls form a great contrast to the strongly tapered side.

Short hairstyle combed back

Slicked Back Short Hairstyle Over

It's much easier to create a combed back style on short hair. You won't get all the annoying frizziness you want to avoid.

Short ombre haircut

Short ombre haircut over

The cool undercut has given us another great choice to style your ombre hair for all women.

Undercut ponytail

Undercut ponytail over

You can even have some interesting details for a simple ponytail like this one that will keep your neck cool in summer.

Undercut long wavy hairstyle

Undercut Long Wavy Hairstyle over

The undercut can also work fantastic for long hair beauties. This style is perfect to showcase your stunning earrings.

Undercut layered hair

Undercut Layered Hair over

A great way to improve your short layered hairstyle simply by having the undercut undercut.

Undercut high bun

Undercut high bun over

Here's an absolutely creative way to carry a messy bun for us. It's a lot of fun and interested in the look.

Mohawk hairstyle

Mohawk hairstyle over

A totally cool and nervous look for all women. You can definitely rock this cut for your new style.

Circumcised undercut for women over 40

Cropped undercut for women over 40 via

In contrast to the past, older women can also wear the so-called angular undercut in a beautifully chic way.

Cool undercut hair

Cool undercut hair over

The undercut looks very feminine and soft for girls with loose, soft waves.

Undercut hair with long layers

Undercut hair with long layers over

It's obvious that this look isn't for everyone, except for girls who want a bold style.

Funky Undercut Short Hair Style

Funky Undercut Short Hair Style over

This incredible look gives us a great alternative if you're tired of the same old pixie cut.

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