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Dyeing or bleaching your hair is fun and playful until three weeks have passed since your last appointment and a quarter of an inch of your dark roots are visible through your colored hair. Adult roots are a big frustration in the life of every woman who dyes her hair. Going to a salon to get hair dyeed is time consuming and can be extremely expensive.

7 Ways to Rock Root Hair


If you'd rather learn to embrace your natural roots rather than worrying about spending an additional $ 100 a month to recolor them, read on to discover them Seven ways to rock rooting hair,

1. Try out Beach Waves


Casual wavy hair has something that pairs incredibly well with naturally dark roots. The two complement each other wonderfully and create a flawless casual look that is perfect for everyday wear. Create perfect beach waves by spraying a textured salt spray on your fallen asleep hair and crushing it. Use a curling iron to add extra texture if necessary.

2. Keep your hair healthy


It is important to have healthy hair if you want your roots to look good as they grow out. If your hair is dry, shaggy, or has an abundance of split ends, your full-grown roots will only make your hair look neglected.

Keep your hair healthy by using a deep care product weekly and avoiding the use of heated styling tools as much as possible.

3. Pull your hair back


If you want to minimize the visibility of your adult roots, pull your hair back. By putting your hair in a bun, high ponytail, or other combed-back style, you can make your roots much less visible. Your neglect of the salon is never revealed.

4. Create a deep part


Improve the look of your roots by parting your hair deep on one side. This style definitely emphasizes your roots, but can be an excellent style choice. Pick one side and part your hair deep there. Use styling spray or gel to further define the part, and straighten your hair to complete the look.

5. Start the transition


If you want to replace your dyed hair with your natural roots, go back to the salon for help with the transition from color to nature. Your professional stylist can help you add lowlights or other color treatment to your hair to make the transition more seamless.

6. Braid your hair


Braiding your hair creates a texture that distracts from the sharp contrast between your roots and the rest of your hair, and makes your natural roots look as if they would fit more seamlessly into your colored tips.

There are many different styles that you can create with braided hair. Try a side braid with your hair pulled back if you want your roots to be less obvious. You can also try a braid near your hairline if you want to hug rather than hide it.

7. Build trust


When trying to rock rooting hair, trust is key. When someone mentions the fact that your roots are visibly mature (duh!), Don't embarrassingly agree that you have to go to the salon as soon as possible. Root hair, like everything else, can be a style choice. But like any other risky beauty trend, you have to hold your head up and stop worrying about what other people think.

The next time you are upset to look in the mirror and notice that your natural roots are visibly growing out, think about this article. Use the Seven ways to rock rooting hair In this post, you will learn how to save time and money while maintaining your confidence and loving your hair as it is.

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