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Trendy Ombre Hair Color Ideas

Do you want to give your hair a new look? We all have to admit that ombre hairstyles are becoming more popular this season. It will look extraordinary when your brunette hair is styled with eye-catching golden and metallic highlights. Some lowlights can also be added to highlight the natural texture and depth. Check out the gallery of 25 trendy hairstyles for Ombre Hair 2016 below and get inspired!

Straight ombre hairstyle for girls

Straight ombre hairstyle for girls

Straight ombre hairstyle for girls about

This bluish shade of ombre hair color looks amazingly cool on this long straight hair. The lightening ends can damage your healthy hair and weekly treatment is required.

Long straight hair with braided bangs

Long straight hair with braided bangs across

The ombre hair can also look pretty and cute if the front parts are shaped into braided bangs. It has more textures in different shades of brown at the roots.

Rainbow colored hairstyle

Rainbow colored hairstyle over

The rainbow-colored hair looks really fantastic for a party or a holiday look. The beautiful purple gradually turns into light green at the ends.

Purple to red ombre hairstyle

Purple to red ombre hairstyle over

Is there anyone who doesn't want the pretty hairstyle? The long, soft waves create a fancy and dreamy effect with this purple, reddish ombre color.

Pink straight ombre hairstyle

Pink Straight Ombre Hairstyle Over

If you don't want to be too striking with the bright pink hair on the street, try this gray-pink straight hairstyle for your next look.

Blonde hair color idea

Blonde hair color idea about

Here's a good suggestion for girls who have brunette hair and want to get lighter. This girl looks like a beautiful Frozen princess.

Ombre bob hairstyle

Ombre bob hairstyle over

The blunt-cut bob doesn't get boring for girls with a hint of electric blue on the sides. They also help lighten her dark skin tone and better frame her round face.

Ombre Bob haircut for orange hair

Ombre Bob Haircut for Orange Hair via

Are you planning a retro look of the 60s for your style? Well, I think this classic short fringe bob haircut is perfect for you. Finally, the whole effect was enhanced by the warm orange hair.

Middle layer wavy haircut

Middle layer wavy haircut over

Blonde wavy hair always looks so charming to young girls. Plus, this fabulous layered haircut should be a must in the cold winter.

Long silver hair

Long silver colored hair over

I bet you must have noticed that silver-gray hair is the hottest hair color trend this season. If you haven't noticed this yet, this cool silvery gray haircut is for you.

Long layered hairstyle

Long layered hairstyle over

Don't you have time to deal with your long hair in the morning? This fantastic layered hairstyle is perfect for your casual everyday look and can be combined with any outfit.

Long curly hairstyle for ombre hair

Long curly hairstyle for ombre hair via

The long curly hairstyle looks way too beautiful on ombre hair. The charming blonde hue gradually changed along the length of the hair.

Long blonde ombre hairstyle

Long blonde ombre hairstyle over

This long blonde ombre hairstyle draws our attention with its blunt cut ends that can add a lot of movement and thickness to your hair look.

Layered Bob Haircut for Ombre Hair

Layered Bob Haircut for Ombre Hair via

Are you looking for a way to spice up your short bob hair look? Then style it with loose beach waves and ash gray ombre color for a modern and eye-catching effect.

Gray ombre hairstyle

Gray ombre hairstyle over

This dark gray ombre hairstyle is ideal for girls who don't want to go too far with bright hair colors. You can definitely wear this hairstyle to attend formal occasions.

Nice tall bun – updo

Nice tall bun – updo over

It's a great idea to do a high bun hairstyle if you need to keep your long hair out of your face. Cut your hair in two equal parts and twist the top part into a cute bun.

Blunt straight haircut for ombre hair

Blunt straight haircut for ombre hair via

Long straight hair will never come out of fashion trends for women. This time, you can make it more attractive with a hot red spot at the bottom.

Cool ash gray hairstyle for long hair

Cool ash gray hairstyle for long hair over

It looks pretty trendy and chic to style your long hair with an ash gray shade. There is no doubt that cool ash-gray hair goes well with bold makeup and hot red lips.

Brown to blonde wavy hairstyle

Brown to blonde wavy hairstyle over

This is an impressive way to update your long, wavy, brown hairstyle with light blonde ends. It is very flattering and is suitable for both girls with dark and light skin.

Brown to blonde ombre hairstyle

Brown to blonde ombre hairstyle over

Gold blonde is one of the season's most popular options for highlighting brown hair. You can also choose caramel, cocoa brown, and honey brown instead.

Braided ponytail for ombre hair

Braided ponytail for ombre hair via

It makes a perfect color pattern to make the classy French braid on blonde ombre hair. You can adjust the tightness depending on the facial structure.

Braided ombre hairstyle

Braided ombre hairstyle over

The silver-gray ombre hair has added many interests to the traditional British braid for girls. Try out some other pretty colors if you'd like.

Black to red wavy hairstyle

Black to red wavy hairstyle over

The black hair regains its attention with the bright red reflections. In the back view it looks like a bouquet.

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