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Turn slippers for women

Sport has many facets to offer. Whether outdoor or indoor – professionals and occasional athletes can choose from a variety of sports. Robust, ergonomic sports shoes are the first choice for ball sports or jogging. However, this is different for indoor sports such as gymnastics, vaulting or gymnastics. Hard, inflexible shoes would be an obstacle in these sports. Here you have the choice between flexible, light and non-slip shoes. With slippers you get the properties that are for quick, graceful movement, are useful for turns and somersaults or for balancing, for example on a balance beam. They are light as a feather and barely noticeable, but for optimal traction indispensable with the rubber soles. The upper is made of silk or cotton, which allows the foot to move freely. Sneakers are also suitable for professional athletes in clubs and for back exercises in the gym.

Features of the sneakers

Depending on your needs, the slippers for gymnastics with simple upper materials can be made with a sweat-absorbing quality designed or noble to match the attractive gymnastics body in competition. Vaulting and gymnastics are young sports and enjoy great popularity.

Sneakers with special properties are suitable for these two sports. In the standard version, slippers for gymnastics with rubber soles are available. These ensure sufficient lubricity optimal adhesionBreathable cotton protects against foot injuries. And slippers with colorful and funny motifs are also a real pleasure for children during their first gymnastics exercises. There are also slippers for gymnastics made of leather. However, with a leather sole, the sneakers are slippery, which is the case, for example very suitable for dancing is. Women’s and men’s slippers can be worn as unisex.

Here you will find trainers from leading brands. These brands include:

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