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Tutorials for Water Marble Nails

Have you tried a water marble nail polish? Here we offer you the 15 best water marble nail polishes you can try. Someone will say that the nail style is messy. It's actually that simple, but it needs the right colors and patterns. The nails only become perfect when you choose the best color and pattern. If you don't know how to start, you can start with the tutorials and later try out the art of water marble nails.

fire color
The red and yellow are like fire. The mixed color can bring a sexy and hot mood.

fire color

Fire color over

Purple water marble

The purple color makes a flower look like on the nails.

Purple water marble over

Blue, pink and gray
The nails look cool.

Blue, pink and gray over

Black and wine
The color is so deep that it creates a sexy and classy atmosphere.

Black and wine over

Water marble

If I don't tell you that this is nail art, do you think it's just marble?

Water marble over

The golden nails are so stylish that you can present yourself at the parties.

Golden via

Marble nails with glitter tips
The nails are dip-dyed in the marble style and provided with several shiny glitter tips.

Marble nails with glitter tips over

Pretty nails
The marble nails are white, red and black.

Pretty nails over

Blue and white
You can simply have a marble look nail done to highlight the stylish pattern.

Blue and white over

Blue and purple
I don't think you will miss the nail polish because the colors are beautiful.

Blue and purple over

Warm color
The color feels so warm. It can match your pink dresses.

Warm color over

Black and silver
Black and silver can create an edgy atmosphere.

Black and silver over

Yellow, pink and purple
The mixed color feels so mysterious and is creative.

Yellow, pink and purple over

Green and purple
It's a fresh look when the nails are dipped in green and purple.

Green and purple over

Rainbow Color
Follow the steps and you will have amazing nails.

Rainbow color over

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