Gildan - Gildan Men's Short Sleeve V-Neck White T-Shirt up to 2XL .


V-shirts are mostly classic cotton t-shirts for men and women. In contrast to the normal T-shirt, the V-shirt has a V-shaped neckline. V-shirts are available as both short-sleeved and long-sleeved shirts.

Classification of the V-shirt category

V-shirts are used for the outerwear of women and men and can be compared to a normal T-shirt. In contrast, however, they do not have a crew neck, but rather a section in the shape of a V that explains their name.

Materials and variations

They’re usually made from classic cotton, although a small amount of spandex can have a stretchy effect depending on the brand. V-shirts are usually available in all imaginable variations with different designs.

  • simply in black or white
  • in a bright, colorful shade or
  • printed with a print,

V-shirts are available in many different looks. It also exists in the form of

In the version with short sleeves, they are very popular on warm summer days. The V-neck can vary in width and length and is usually designed a little wider in women’s models in order to highlight a beautiful neckline. While this was not the case in the past with men’s V-shirts, there are already examples with a striking neckline for men.

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