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Veils as a headgear of costume

The veil has many meanings. The delicate cloth or fabric is usually worn white at weddings and symbolizes the innocence of the bride. But also black as a sign of mourning or in the established custom of religion is the veil worn by women who protect their dignity.

Classification of the veil category

The veil is an accessory that is worn over the hair on the head and can have different meanings.

Veil at the wedding

Traditionally, at a church wedding, the veil is usually worn in white to match the wedding dress. The innocence of the bride has been symbolized for centuries, and wearing a veil has long since become an integral part of all areas of the world.

Veil as a sign of mourning and a certain religion

Likewise a veil in black color, but also as a sign of mourning, for example at funerals that are worn by women. As is customary in religious communities, however, the wearing of a veil is widespread, as women also externally demonstrate the protection of their dignity in this way.

Veils are usually thin, delicate fabrics or cloths that come in a variety of designs. Just like classic, single-colored veils in different colors, there are also artistically decorated or embroidered veils that can also be set with gemstones or the like and are thus a beautiful eye-catcher, especially in terms of fashion.

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