30 Iconic Retro and Vintage Hairstyl

Vintage Hairstyles

I love Audrey Hepburn's classic vintage looks. No matter whether she wears an updo or a bouffant, she looks more feminine and gorgeous with the special hairstyles for this era. Today, Hepburn's updo in Roman Holiday and her bouffant in Breakfast at Tiffany & # 39; s are successfully replicated by many other celebrities, so the vintage hairstyles are still loved by the stars in today's fashion. I am sure that vintage hairstyles will never fade because they are always beautiful and vital. The vintage hairstyles are actually coming back and are becoming trendy for the season.

I don't know if you saw The Notebook, but I can tell you that Rachel McAdams has different vintage hairstyles for her character. She is so elegant and bright in all retro hairstyles. To be honest, I'm obsessed with these 1940s hairstyles. I decided to recreate my own vintage hairstyles using some useful tutorials. Of course, I will share the tutorials with you and hope you can enjoy them too.

The vintage hairstyles are mainly made by the following hair styles.

Retro hairstyles

Retro hairstyles

After knowing the hair shapes, you can read the vintage hair tutorials here and enjoy a warm spring with a new and retro look.

Pinned curls

Pinned curls over

Ponytail with featured bangs

Ponytail with featured bangs

Retro curls

Retro curls over

Nice buns

Nice buns over

Rolled bangs with headband

Rolled bangs with headband

Retro curls

Retro curls over

Side swept

Side swept over

Deep side part

Deep side part over

Beautiful updo

Beautiful updo via

Curly side bangs

Curly side bangs

Elegant hairstyle

Elegant hairstyle over

Retro updo

Retro updo over

Rolled bangs

Rolled bangs over

Voluminous curls

Voluminous curls over

Selected curls

Selected curls over

Braided bun

Braided bun over

Curls of the 1940s

1940s curls over

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