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Vintage Long Curls for the Season

Hey girl! If you have ultra long hair, why not long curly vintage hair for a new season? Vintage hairstyles never go out of style. They are adored by many girls and prevail throughout the year.

Today we are going to introduce 5 must-have long curls. The curly hair here is so retro that you can show off your charm at any moment. To achieve such a vintage look, you need to make your hair clean and smooth. Then create big curls for inches of your locks.

Let's see how great the hairstyles are today. I hope you enjoy and get inspired.

Vintage red curly hair
The curls are all about the color. This wind-red color gives the smooth curls a super vintage look. In addition, the long side part and the soft curls improve the beautiful hairstyle.

Vintage red curly hair

Vintage red curls over

Vintage bridal curls
Although the hair doesn't have luxurious large curls in the end, it's still pretty with a bridal hair piece. This hair not only matches the wedding dress, but also other outfits.

Bridal vintage curls over

Beautiful vintage curls
Nothing can be nicer than a vintage side panel. It is nice and amazing for girls to have a curly side part.

Gorgeous vintage curls over

Vintage and messy curls

Do you know why I call it vintage curly hair? One of the reasons is a withdrawn style. Yes. Typically, the vintage do is styled with half-up, half-down hair and bangs swept back. For girls, it's creative to combine a vintage half up half down with a messy curly end.

Vintage and Messy Curls over

Vintage wedding hairstyle
This vintage hairstyle goes very well with her cat eyes and orange check. Her hair is pulled open and created as a deep side part to cover part of her face. The ends of their locks are made into so many curls that there is more movement.

Vintage wedding hairstyle over

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