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Waist bag for women

A lot of people associate the hip bags with a slightly harder and street style, but the fact is, they go just as well with it as they do with a more elegant and formal look, depending on which model you choose. A hip bag in a pocket model will be as beautiful at any time to jumpsuite, your or will emphasize the little black dress at a formal dinner.

In the last few months, a new way of wearing hip packs has established itself in the fashion world. Instead of fastening the bag around the waist, as the name suggests, you fasten it over one shoulder so that the bag lands over his chest. Styling a more elegant outfit by wearing a hip bag this way is also no problem! Imagine a turtleneck, pants, pair of heels or sneakers with a clean design and a belt pouch that can be seen under an elegant coat. With this outfit you are guaranteed to be the prettiest in the office in autumn!

Tips! Would you like to keep up with the trend but are not too keen on spending money on a new bag? If you already have a shoulder bag in smaller formats, this is not a problem! Do like Xenia in the picture above and shorten the strap of the bag so that it lands higher on the stomach or chest for the same effect.

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