waist bag

In summer, a new model climbed the trend barometer. From a bag that most of us have associated with the not-so-fashionable mid-life people, perhaps not-so-fashionable mid-life people tourists, it has now become an accessory used by style icons and fashion bloggers around the world will be carried. Yes, of course we talk about it the belt pouchor hip bag, as it is called.

For those who have already had time to become a fan of hip bags, so we can happily report that it looks like the trend will stay with us for the coming fall too. And didn’t you take that thing with these bags when you might think about it again after reading this article. You will find plenty of inspiration on how to style your fanny pack in both summer and autumn and how it can be coordinated with different styles. Waist bags are for everyone! So who are you: classy, ​​cute or cool?

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