44 Cute Wavy Bob Hairstyles That Are Easy to Sty

Wavy Bob Hairstyles

The classy bob haircut will never get out of the hairstyle trends for women. It has a wide range of varieties from straight to wavy with different hair lengths. There are so many celebrities who have chosen it as their distinctive hairstyle every time they appear in public. This is also a good starter if you want to get short because it can easily grow out if short hair doesn't go well with you. Check out below and get inspired!

Hardly any waves

Hardly any waves

A slightly wavy bob can give your hair a pretty and naturally chic look. You can also add some layers to get a slight effect.


It will give you a beautiful and fancy look if you place curls correctly with your hair. You can style them very tightly and tightly for a defined shape.

Long and disheveled

A bob haircut looks really fantastic with a longer length. With a few adjustments, it can be worn for both work and leisure.

Long and wavy with bangs

For those girls with long hair, this hairstyle is a great option to get a cute bob look while maintaining hair length. You can also keep stylish bangs to soften your final look.

Right in the middle

It's really a good idea to have middle sections for your new hairstyle, which puts your flawless facial features at the center of attention.

Wavy side part

A deep side part brings an impressive style to your wavy hair. Its blunt cut makes it suitable for a trendy street look as well as for an exciting party or an exciting evening.


This is a very simple hairstyle that anyone can pull off. Its bold style and shape can definitely make you the center of attention on the street.


If you want to give your hair a loose, yet chic style, just try the cool, chunky cut. And it can also look perfect for a simple bob cut.

Vintage curls

Vintage curls can create a voluminous shape for a layered bob. This is also another great choice if you don't want to opt for a messy and tousled style.

Short and disheveled

Short bob hairstyles can give every woman a fresh and lively style. And soft waves can intensify this effect.
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