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Wavy Hairstyles for Winter

Even though it's cold in winter, girls won't give up chasing the pretty and latest hair looks for the season. Prettydesigns will always be here to offer you stylish hairstyles for your girls. The post will bring you wavy hair to rock this cold winter. I don't think you will miss her.

From long to medium length hair, you will find ways to make your hair wavy. In cold weather, wavy hair can add movement to your overall look. Don't be afraid to put on thick clothes. Wavy hair can complete your winter outfits and combine your beanie look.

Browse through the post and find your favorite hair. Try one of the hairstyles and enchant a pretty winter hair.

Highlighted waves

Highlighted waves

Highlighted waves above

Honey Kiss waves

Honey Kiss Waves over

Messy medium length hair

Messy medium length hair over

Medium waves

Medium length waves over

uper long waves

Super long waves over

Two-tone hair

Two-tone hair over

winter waves

Winter waves over

Messy waves

Messy Waves over

Fairly wavy hair

Pretty wavy hair over

Nice waves

Nice waves over

Blonde waves

Blonde waves over

Boho waves

Boho Waves over

Brown wavy hair

Brown wavy hair over

Sweet waves

Sweet waves over

Subtle waves

Subtle waves over

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