Easy Makeup Ideas: 3 Ways To Spice Up Your Everyday Look For .

Ways to Spice up Your Everyday Look

If you have shoulder length hair, you can change your look every morning. You have no idea? Do not worry. We offer 10 ways to spice up your locks of hair. We are sure that you can have different hairstyles in these 10 days.

Regardless of whether your hair is curled or straight, you can use these hair tutorials to style your curls. It is easy and versatile for every girl to learn. They match both your casual and your formal look. It is worth wearing these 10 hairstyles in the next 10 days.

Here are the hair tutorials. Check out the post and change your look right away.

Day 1 Natural waves

Day 1 Natural waves

Day 1 Natural waves over

Day 2 braided hair

Day 2 braided hair over

Day 3 Funny bun

Day 3 Funny bun over

Day 4 Easy Braid

Day 4 Easy Braid via

Day 5 Halfway

Day 5 Halfway across

Day 6 half up twist

Day 6 Half up twist via

Day 7 waterfall network

Day 7 waterfall network over

Day 8 ponytail

Day 8 ponytail over

Day 9 teasing your hair

Day 9 Teased Hair via

Day 10 sweep

Day 10 sweep via

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