6 Genius Ways to Store Every Single Bottle of Nail Polish You Own .

Ways to Store Nail Polishes

Hey girl! Do you like to polish your nails? At least my answer is "yes". I bet you have to have enough nail polishes at home and don't know how to properly put them away. Well, I should say that I encountered such problems too. They play an essential role and give our life a lot of fun. Today, we summarize 18 fantastic ways to save nail polish in this post and hope you copy one of them!

Biscuit jars or mason jars are always useful when storing small items. They look very nice and chic and are available in many different colors and designs. This time you can definitely use them to organize your nail polishes. It's also great to display them on the bookshelf if you want a better view of their colors.

candy jars

candy jars

Cookie jars over

Small case

Little case about


Frames over

cake stand

Cake stand over

Plastic makeup organizer

Plastic Makeup Organizer over


Mason jars over

Box of candles

Box of candles over

Near the mirror

Near the mirror above

Hanging jewelry organizer

Hanging jewelry organizer over


Glasses over

Open shelves

Shelves open over

table shelf

Table shelf above


Drawers over

spice rack

Spice rack over

Small racks

Little racks over

Hanging baskets

Hanging baskets over


Bookshelf over

DIY magnetic board

DIY magnetic board over

More information (storage ideas for nail polishes) can be found on lilostyle.com

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