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Wedding Dresses

The wedding dress or wedding dress is worn at the church wedding. The elaborate dresses with veils are usually white because the color represents innocence and cleanliness. Today, however, champagne is also popular as a color.

Classification of the wedding dresses category

Wedding dresses are usually worn by the bride at a church wedding and are usually intricately decorated. Getting married in white is probably almost every woman’s dream.

However, finding the right wedding dress is usually difficult because it is a very special dress that you will only wear once for many of the most beautiful days of your life. Of course, the dress should perfectly match the bride’s wishes and underline her preferences.

Wedding dresses galore

When looking for the right item, you are often spoiled for choice, as the selection of wedding dresses is very large. A good overview can be found in bridal shops that specialize in clothes for the wedding day. They usually have a wide variety of clothing items on offer.

Properties of wedding dresses

Wedding dresses are generally much more elaborate and pompous than evening dresses.

  • embroidery
  • Applications with rhinestones or pearls

and beyond

that goes with a wedding dress, emphasize this again. In terms of color, wedding dresses are mostly white, from an ancient tradition and symbolize purity and innocence. Just as often, however, a cream-colored shade is chosen, whereby dresses in bright, colorful colors such as red are rarely seen.

Popular shapes and cuts

Depending on the type of figure, wedding dresses are available in different shapes:

  • A-shaped or pear-shaped (for female hips and narrow shoulders)
  • X-shape or hourglass (for curvy hips and narrow waists)
  • O-shape or apple type (for large breasts, female hips and narrow waist)
  • V-shape (for broad shoulders and a lush cleavage)
  • XXS shape (for women with a graceful figure) and
  • XXL shape (for women with a full-bodied figure).

The most popular clothes can be divided into

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