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Wedge boots for women

Wedge boots are a popular variant of the basic shoe shape, especially from Women and girls, rare and moderately high, are also worn by men. This type of boot can be boots or ankle boots of various designs, grouped into a subcategory according to their characteristic paragraph. In this still very young heel type It’s a trend that has been going on for years and is first used more for sandals and low shoes and now more and more used for boots.

The wedge heel – the comfortable representative of the heel styles

Boots with heels are in different designs and variants offered something

Next to the Block heel, the Stiletto heel, the Conical heel or the Platform sole Wedge heels in boot fashion are also becoming increasingly popular.

The wedge heels, which are also called wedges in the shoe trade, are still relatively new and have been sold 1936 from the Italian Shoe designer Salvatore Ferragamo invented. Within just two years, the designer had a breakthrough in the USA with this type of heel and the wedge heel was repeatedly taken up in the upcoming collections of well-known fashion designers. Ferragamo had with his invention Appearance and comfort want to connect with each other.

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