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Wedge Pumps

What are wedge pumps?

Definition: Wedge pumps are also common Wedge heels and belong to the category of wedge heels. In German you could call them “high heels with wedge heels”, but the usual German-language variant is the name WedgesThis type of shoe has the following characteristics:

  • You have a high wedge heel.
  • Although the term pumps refers to shoes that are not open at the toe or heel, these features are very common in wedge pumps.

The model shown on the left comes from the Amazon range.


Which items of clothing can be combined with wedge heels?

These shoes are best for tall, lean women. For the latter, it is recommended to use the wedge heels short dresses or skirts, With Skinny jeans or tight stretch jeans, to chinos or to Marlene pants combine.

A tip for little women: Although high-heeled shoes make things noticeably slimmer, choose dark styles and pair them with dark pants if they still have to be wedge-heeled shoes. This causes an optical extension of the legs. More tips for little women can be found here.

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