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Wedge sandals for women

Sandals are certainly the classic summer shoes. Light, airy and always totally modern – the models combine all the characteristics that make them up perfect shoe for warm days need to have. Despite or above all because of the timelessness of sandals, fashion victims are always happy about new, surprising models that provide a fresh breeze on the shoe shelf. The solution that leading brands have been discovering for a number of years: wedge sandals.

The sandals’ recipe for success

Wedge sandals are sandals that aren’t just those typical features of the summer shoe, but also have a wedge heel. This completely redefines the classic shoe and gives it one fresh and extraordinary lookWomen not only love the wedge sandals because they accentuate the foot beautifully, they also make the almost robust sandals real eye-catchers.

In contrast to stiletto or strappy sandals with high heels, however, wedge sandals are absolutely suitable for everyday use, The secret: the heel. This distributes the weight evenly on the foot and not just on individual points. In addition, the continuous sole offers a firm hold. The result is a shoe that might not look like it, but is super comfortable and can be worn all day.

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