Extra Wide Calf Boots For Women | Extra wide calf boots, Womens .

Wide-legged boots for women

Wide shaft boots are not just a trend current boot modeBut also a great solution for those who usually struggle to find boots due to a larger calf circumference, even with a longer boot tube comfortably over the calf pull and do not push while walking. The ladies’ wide shaft boots are boots with a extra wide shaftwhich can be worn either close to the leg or loosely around the calf.

The boots with the long shaft – more comfort for your calf

Boots with a long shaft belong to the category of oversized boots, since the shaft is 40 centimeters wide. While a small stem, so called The tight shank, with a width between 32.2 inches to 37.4 inches, is suitable for particularly narrow calves and is liked by girls Central with 34.2 to 39.4 centimeters the standard leg width for boots.

The Wave widths L to XXL are between 37.1 and 48.7 centimeters. In addition, there are models with so-called vario widths, in which the shaft width is between 34.2 and 40.7 inches and the leg width is secured by fasteners such as

adjustable to the width of the calf. The so-called wide-shaft boots XXL and wide-shaft boots XL offer additional space for the calves and are cut extra wide in this area. Here is the width of the wave up to 55 centimeters Be. Usual sizes in which the boots are offered are shoe sizes from

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