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Winter Jackets

If you want to venture out into the fresh air in cold and bad weather, you cannot avoid a warm and windproof winter jacket. Winter jackets are usually cut a little longer to warm the entire back and waist area.

Classification of the winter jackets category

When the outside temperatures are slowly approaching freezing point, it is high time to get them out of the closet – the winter jacket. It is the ideal companion for everyday life in the cold season, for dirty weather and freezing frost and is always used when noble coats or capes are simply out of place. Their most important feature is the warming effect.

Materials and properties

To keep the upper body warm, winter jackets are always made with a cozy lining

  • fleece
  • Faux fur or
  • roughened wool

provided or otherwise

The layers of air between the layers of fabric heat up due to their own body temperature and remain trapped at the same time – this creates pleasant warmth in the jacket. The outer fabrics are initially very tightly woven and often sealed so that the warmth stays where it belongs. In addition, winter jackets are more robust and survive every snowball fight without immediately evading.

Cuts and colors

Winter jackets close very close to the bracelet, the lower hem and the collar to prevent the ingress of cold air and nuts. In addition, the jackets often have hoods, which, like the cuffs, are trimmed with (artificial) fur.

Depending on their function, winter jackets are cut at least halfway, but often also reach down to the knees. Concealed zippers and pull-out collars prevent real weather. Cool pastel colors with winter patterns or applications are just as chic as flame red or sun yellow models with quilted seams and toggle buttons.

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