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Winter shoes

Winter shoes

When it gets cold and uncomfortable outside, your feet need appropriate footwear. Winter boots for women and men are usually made of sturdy and waterproof leather and have a warm lining.

Classification of the winter shoes category

Winter shoes refer to shoes that are particularly suitable for winter clothing due to their features.


Because this wet and cold season places very special demands on footwear. The first focus should therefore be on finding the winter shoe on the sole. The weather conditions that prevail here in winter require

Shoes that have only a slight embossing or no profile are not suitable as winter shoes. When choosing his winter shoe, the customer should also pay attention to the material the sole is made of. Plastics are often used that wear out quickly and do not guarantee a good grip, especially when wet. Are better

  • Rubber soled shoes;

This also has the advantage that the shoemaker can solve them again and again. Then you should take a look inside the shoe, because winter is the coldest season, so the shoe

The best is a lining made of new wool, as it does not affect the foot climate. Caution should be exercised with shoes that are lined with synthetic material. Although they keep you warm, they have a negative effect on the foot climate, which can lead to unpleasant sweaty feet and thus to a smell of sweat. Shoes that are particularly waterproof are

  • with a membrane equipment

are designed in such a way that no water can penetrate the shoe from the outside.

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