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Womens Clothes

The classic dress is one-piece and covers the upper body and, depending on the length of the clothing, more or less the legs of the woman. The most famous dresses include the chic evening dress, ball gown and wedding dress, but also the dirndl.

Classification of the clothing category

Clothing has been a symbol of femininity for centuries. Although women’s fashion now increasingly includes trousers, clothing is still considered a typical item of clothing for women.

Clothing gives charm, attractiveness and individuality. Although they are worn less often than everyday clothing, they are almost mandatory on special occasions.

Different types of clothing

The shapes, colors and patterns of clothing appear in endless combinations. For example, the length of the dress can be varied. Ankle-length dresses stretch the figure and hide voluminous calves. Shorter dresses emphasize the legs.

Most dresses have straps that can be of different widths. Spaghetti straps are very popular. Some clothing items are also strapless. In general, dresses are combined with high-heeled shoes, which should emphasize the feminine. One distinguishes


Clothing is made from a wide variety of fabrics, often finer fabrics such as silk. The classic among dresses is the “little black dress”. This name stands for a black, short dress that can be worn on any occasion, as it is characterized by a subtle elegance. Clothing is suitable for women of all ages.

There are many models in the lower price segment. However, a large number of designers also offer very exclusive dresses that can cost several thousand euros. At least one dress should hang in every woman’s wardrobe, because clothes are desirable, sexy and feminine and, after all, never go out of style.

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