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Women’s clothing

Whether particularly feminine, elegant or sporty – women’s clothing offers the right outfit for every type of woman. From skirts and evening dresses to the casual leisure look, there are always current trends in women’s fashion.

Classification of the category of women’s clothing

If you stroll through department stores, leaf through catalogs or surf in Internet shops, you will find all goods well sorted. An essential part of most of the ranges is the “Women’s Clothing” section.

What’s behind the name? And will it only really be found here for women? “Lady” is derived from the Latin “domina” for “lady of the house”, also in French “lady” for “mistress” or the feminine “rule”.

It is therefore a polite and respectful woman’s title that at the same time suggests a certain social status. No wonder fashion stores of all kinds try to lure their customers.

Typical offers

In principle, women’s fashion is for all teenage women, regardless of whether they are particularly ladylike or not. Here you will find everything a woman’s heart desires. Starts at

about everyday clothes like

up to

Also accessories like

belong in this category.

Target groups and size information

As a rule, women’s fashion is again roughly divided according to the age of the target group. Aspiring female starters have different clothing styles than older women, full-time mothers have different textile needs than tough business women, and the transitions are often fluid.

A characteristic of all fashionable variants are the clothing sizes. According to standardized dimensions, women’s fashion is usually offered in the common sizes 34 to 56, although these can vary greatly from manufacturer to manufacturer. Extensive adjustment and frequent removal in search of the really fitting piece is therefore not even the Lady of the World.

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