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Womens Leggings

Leggings are elastic and very tight pants with a wide variety of uses. They are wonderful in cold weather when wearing long johns, and when exercising, they are popular in the gym because of the freedom of movement.

Classification of the leggings category

Even if they are hotly debated – leggings are an indispensable part of the fashion world and appear again and again with beautiful regularity. The name is derived from the English leg for leg. “Leggings” can most likely be translated as “gang”, but it doesn’t sound very modern.

Cut, material and length

This type of legwear can be seen especially on a skin-tight seat – everywhere. The equally impressive stretch and adaptability of the fabric is achieved through the use of Lycra and nylon fabrics sewn with elastic threads. There are leggings in different lengths. If

  • as a calf-length Capri model
  • in the cyclist cut (hem ends just above the knee) or
  • as hot pants –

They always fit like a second skin and ensure maximum comfort.

possible combinations

The perfect use for leggings is in sports. Freedom of movement is not restricted, no flowing textiles cover the athlete’s body in front of the judges, sweat is immediately absorbed and released to the outside. The simplicity and the high functionality did not stand in the way of the leggings triumph in everyday life – on the contrary.

In the fashionably quite experimental 80s, leggings were worn with great enthusiasm for sneakers or pumps, combined with nylons or big shirts and were even acceptable as business clothing. (But only with a suitably serious top and only in women’s fashion.)

Probably the wearer who puts her shapely legs in the right light with leggings. In conjunction with casual sweaters that were worn in extra length, the crisp leggings even managed a little trick by cleverly distracting from the small belly.

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