5 Online Retailers for Men Who Want to Wear Women's Shoes .

Women’s Shoes

The most popular shopping item for many women is the shoe. Of course there are shoes in countless designs and for countless occasions, especially for women’s feet of all sizes and shapes. So you are well dressed down for every occasion.

Classification of the women’s shoes category


The feminine fascination for shoes is not a modern phenomenon – there were trendsetters when it comes to shoes under the rulers of the Nile as well as in ancient Asian dishes. In contrast to their male counterparts, women’s shoes have always been less characterized by the demand for comfort than by fashionable extravagance.

Around AD 400, the previously flat sandals of the Mediterranean were used for women’s heels. High heels testify to the social status of the wearer, because only those who wore stilts that did not allow them to move could afford to be carried in a litter by servants.

In the late Middle Ages there was also a dynamic in the previously neglected Central European shoe fashion. Delicate fabrics such as velvet and silk became popular for wealthy women, which made the shoes so susceptible to dirt and material cracks that they were almost always hidden under protective covers.

Instead of the luxury version, women of the common people mostly wore functional wooden shoes with equally high heels at the front and back. The heels made for a reasonably dry passage through the unpaved, muddy roads.

Development until today

While the seams of the skirt were so long until the beginning of the 20th century that the ankle boots could hardly be seen underneath, feminine shoe fashion moved into focus from the 1920s. At that time, the pumps established themselves as universal women’s shoes for every season and still dominate women’s shoe fashion today.

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