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Wonderful Embellished Nail Designs

As we all know, beautiful nail designs play a very important role in our looks. So women have to get manicures every month. If you want to have a perfect nail design for this summer, follow us with our 13 beautiful ornate nail designs below! I bet you'll get a favorite here.

There are so many different ornate nail designs with rhinestones, rivets, flowers or glitter. If you got tired of these simple nails, try adding something special to them. You can make your colorful nails more interesting with attractive details. Since the glowing gold hue is so hot this year, you can use some solid gold rivets to help polish your nails optimally. In addition, some shimmering rhinestones can make you look ultra-elegant and ladylike with a beautiful evening dress at a party.

Gently embellished nail design

Gently embellished nail design over

Elegant embellished nail art via

Peach and gold embellished nail art via

Studded nail design over

Purple nail design over

Flower nail design over

Decorated nails and prints over

Ornate nail design over

Sweet decorated nails over

Red decorated nails over

Bold decorated nails over

Blue nail design over

Black and blue rivets over

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