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Wonderful Nail Art Tutorials for All Ages

Wonderful Nail Art Tutorials for All Ages

We always envy these girls with perfect nails at a party. In fact, you can also create them yourself by following some tutorials. They look very exquisite and complicated, but are very easy to manufacture in just a few steps. You can also incorporate your creativity into your nail design to make your nails look more glamorous. Check out 12 wonderful nail art tutorials for all ages with our photos below!

It's fun and interesting to do the nails yourself at home. You only need different nail polishes, tape and some decorations like rivets, glitter or gems. Good nail design doesn't take too many complicated skills, it takes your time and patience. You can have the help of your friends or sister if you run into difficulties. It will also make your free time more meaningful after you finally see the fabulous result.

Sugared stars and stripes

Sugared stars and stripes above

Color block for spring

Spring color block over

Tie batik nails

Tie dye nails over

Simple camouflage nail art

Simple camouflage nail art via

The star nail art

The Star Nail Art about

The herringbone mani

The Herringbone Mani over

The cloud nail art

The cloud nail art about

Scrap strips

Strips scrap over

Neon Tribal Nail Art

Neon Tribal Nail Art over

Vintage flowers

Vintage flowers over

Leopard nails

Leopard nails over

Glitter nail art

Glitter nail art over

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