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Wrap shirts

Fashionable wrap shirts are an absolute eye-catcher and also very practical. The shirts wrapped around the upper body can be wonderfully adapted to the respective figure and thanks to the wrapping technique, a beautiful neckline is created.

Classification of the T-shirts category

Wrap shirts are a special variant of outerwear that is mainly worn by women. The name of these shirts comes from the special wrapping technique, because this is the only way to close the shirt.

supporting technology

The fabric is wrapped around the upper body and then usually closed with two sewn straps by means of a loop on the side. This results in a fashionable style of the t-shirt that is a bit unusual and therefore usually a real eye catcher. In addition, an additional, relatively large neckline ensures a nice cleavage, which can also be reduced a little with a top worn underneath if you don’t want to be too open-hearted.

possible combinations

Wrap shirts have been back in fashion for some time and can also be varied very well with other items of clothing. Not only do they always look good, they are also very fashionable and therefore a welcome change from the classic T-shirts and tops for many women.

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